Aim: sensitizing students to academic writing conventions
Length: 10-12 double spaced pages excluding the references page and the title page
Layout: Don’t change the default page margins.
Font size: 11 except the cover page which should be in font size 14.
Title page should be consistent with the title page of your dissertation. Don’t use frames or decorating borders

Use APA style version 6 in your citations and documentation
Try to make full use of ZOTERO in citation
Page numbering starts after the cover page and should be in the middle of the bottom of the page. Use automatic numbering in word.
Use appropriate keyboarding skills:
No spaces should be left before any punctuation mark.
But a space should be left after any punctuation mark.
Give an a 150 word single spaced abstract with two indented margins immediately after the title on page 1
Topics should be related to any of the topic areas of the course. It is highly recommended to have the same topic for the presentation and the essay



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