The Data Analysis section should discuss the basic plan for analyzing the data, and the Anticipated Results section should discuss the expected findings. Make sure your paper is formatted like a research article. You will want to start with your main heading: Method. Then you have second-level headings: Participants, Materials, Procedure, and Data Analysis. Then you have the next main heading: Anticipated Results. Your submission should include all of the following elements:  Description of the participants you plan to use in your study (you will need at least seven PSY 510 and/or PSY 520 students to respond to your survey)  Description of the materials that will be used in the study and why they are most appropriate for your proposal  Description of the procedures that will be used to collect data and how they will address your research question  Discussion of any ethical concerns you can foresee with the study and steps that could be taken to remedy them  Explanation of the procedures you plan to use to prepare your raw data for analysis  Explanation of the analytic procedures for analyzing data and how they will help obtain valid and reliable research results  Description of which descriptive statistics will be most informative in answering your research question and why  Discussion of how your proposed data analysis methods are ethical, as outlined by the APA’s principles and standards  Prediction of your expected findings or anticipated results

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