Looking at the original language of the 1787 Constitution (prior to ANY Amendments), find examples of how the Constitution could be considered an implementation of Aristotle’s “mixed state”. Where are the democratic elements? The aristocratic elements? The monarchical elements? Provide at least ONE example of a “monarchical” institution (or feature), and at least TWO examples EACH of “aristocratic” and “democratic” institutions, practices, or features in the ORIGINAL Constitution. Be also prepared to EXPLAIN WHY each one of your examples fits into that particular category. For this first portion of the assignment, please note that “Congress” is NOT a single institution; there are two distinct chambers of Congress, each of which probably fits into a different category (at least, under the original Constitution). Once you’ve done that, now explain TWO changes that have occurred since 1789 that have made the system MORE democratic. Remember that “democracy”, classically defined, is NOT about “rights”; it’s about power. So, in other words, in what two ways do “the people” (collectively) have more power over the system than was originally true? Please also note that ONLY ONE of your two examples can come from the “franchise” amendments (those that gave the right to vote to certain groups of people). If BOTH of your democratization examples are something OTHER than the “franchise” amendments, then you’ll be eligible for up to 5 bonus points on this assignment. Note that these examples (in the second part) don’t all HAVE TO come from the Amendments (they can, but I think you’ll find it more fruitful to think of things that weren’t actually changes to the text of the Constitution, but rather practices that developed historically over time). Here’s a link to the original Constitution (prior to any amendments): https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/constitution-transcript Here’s a link to the text of all 27 Amendments: http://hrlibrary.umn.edu/education/all_amendments_usconst.htm

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