More Comprehensive Global Business offers the most comprehensive and innovative coverage of IB topics available on the market. Unique chapters not found in other IB textbooks are:

Chapter 9 on entrepreneurship and small firms’ internationalization. Chapter 11 on global competitive dynamics. Chapter 16 on corporate finance and governance. Chapter 17 on corporate social responsibility (in addition to one full-blown

chapter on ethics, cultures, and norms, Chapter 3). Half of Chapter 12 (alliances and acquisitions) deals with the inadequately

covered topic of acquisitions. Approximately 70% of market entries based on foreign direct investment (FDI) around the world use acquisitions. Yet, none of the other IB textbooks has a chapter on acquisitions—clearly, a missing gap.

The most comprehensive topical coverage is made possible by drawing on the latest and most comprehensive range of the research literature. Specifically, I have accelerated my own research, publishing a total of 30 articles since 2010 after I finished the second edition.2 I have drawn on such latest research to inject cutting- edge thinking into the third edition.

In addition, I have also endeavored to consult numerous specialty journals. For example, the trade and finance chapters (Chapters 5–7) draw on the American Eco- nomic Review, Journal of Economic Literature, and Quarterly Journal of Economics. The entrepreneurship chapter (Chapter 9) consults with the Journal of Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. The marketing and supply chain chapter (Chapter 14) draws heavily from the Journal of Marketing, Journal of International Mar- keting, and Journal of Operations Management. The corporate finance and governance chapter (Chapter 16) is visibly guided by research published in the Journal of Finance and Journal of Financial Economics.

The end result is the unparalleled, most comprehensive set of evidence-based insights on the IB market. While citing every article is not possible, I am confident

2 All my articles are listed at and Go to “Journal Articles.”

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the American Eco- nomic
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