Just picking up on what I was saying earlier, the way a good program or a very good program, I think we have, stays very good and gets better is you’ve always got to be evaluating, you’ve always got to be changing. And again, using the example I gave earlier with our FCPA program, we had a world-class FCPA program four years ago because we had to because we were entering into this big settlement with the DOJ and SEC. And I have every confidence that our program today four years later is better than it was then – and the only reason for that is we’ve hired more good people, we’ve stayed on top of trends, we’ve engaged with good outside counsel, and we’re auditing and we’re trying to continually improve. We’ve not just done that with the FCPA, but we’ve done that with the GDPR with some of the things we’ve just talked about this afternoon – training, compliance. We haven’t even really talked about our SRC, our social environmental responsibility program, but we’re doing a lot of things in the human rights space, supply chain ethics, what have you. So I’m confident – in this role, I’ve been here three years, I can say with confidence I inherited a strong team, which I was lucky to do, but it has gotten better. So the future is just continuing to improve and figure out other places we can continue to improve.

Glenn, for taking the time to chat with us today. And thanks everyone for listening. Please tune in to our other podcasts on topics related to international risk mitigation and management.


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