Understand the significance of the Louisiana Purchase on Native populations.

· Identify mythic depictions of the west.

· Understand significant causes and events in European Imperialism.

· Understand the relationship between Social Darwinism and European Imperialism.

· Recognize and identify key post-impressionist painters.

· Recognize key features and themes of post-impressionism.

· Understand the significance of Picasso.

· Distinguish and identify significant works by Fauves, Futurists, and Expressionists.

· Understand the psychological effects of World War I on art.

· Recognize the significance of Dadaism.

· Understand the significance of Freud’s psychological theory.

· Understand the influence of Freud’s work on art and literature.

· Identify key themes in surrealist art.

· Understand the stream-of-consciousness technique in literature.

· Understand the significance of World War II on art and culture.

· Recognize the significance of Existential and the Theatre of the Absurd.

· Identify and understand the significance of key figures in the Harlem Renaissance.

· Identity and understand the significance of key figures in jazz and blues.

· Recognize significant figures in events in the Civil Right movement.

· Recognize significant figures and themes in Feminist art.

· Understand the significance of globalism on postmodern art.

· Recognize significant figures and works in postmodern architecture.


the “dehumanization of art”?
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