Optimistic Therapy

Also known as humanistic therapy, this is focused on the good parts of life. These therapists believe that humans want to be satisfied and self-fulfilled, and the goal is for the client to feel that. They may use techniques like self-actualization and open-ended responses to get to the goals they want. Everyone has a dream, and while optimistic therapy may not be able to reach every dream, it can create other goals to make the person feel accomplished.

Integrative Therapy (IT)

IT can involve a number of therapies depending on the client dependent on the client and their needs. The counselor may combine techniques or use them separately, depending on the situation.

Narrative Therapy (NT)

We all have imagined our lives to be like a book, a movie, or whatever narrative-driven form of media you prefer. NT involves looking at someone’s life as a story, and through that story, what problems may be uncovered. Therapists guide the client in retelling their story to get minimize or eliminate the problems and make new stories. The counselor may act like an interviewer, asking questions about the person’s life, and in doing so help the client create their story in their own words.


Also known as insight-oriented, this looks at how our unconscious minds control us. The unconscious mind contains hidden traumas and feelings, and it can influence our behavior. Psychodynamic therapy helps to bring this behavior to the forefront of our minds and give us self-awareness. Psychodynamic therapy is also short. Sometimes, it can only take a handful of weekly sessions for success, though this will vary dependent on the individual client.


Also known as psychoanalytic therapy, this is similar to psychodynamics, but it’s more long-term and ends up being more intense. Like psychodynamic therapy, it focuses on the unconscious and tends to involve childhood trauma. The client will have to provide all the details they can to the therapist, from dreams to what they’re feeling during the day. The counselor will then listen and provide insight. It’s another good therapy for self-awareness.


The frame as the therapeutic setting and boundaries
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