Essay Instructions Directions: Write a source-based essay on The Giving Tree. If you’ve completed “Sources on The Giving Tree,” then good news: You’ve halfway there, since you’ve just studied what others have said on this topic. Those are your sources. Now it’s time to write! So, in this paper, make make it clear when the sources are talking and when you are talking. By sources, I mean the articles you just read on “The Giving Tree.” Your job (or at least one of them) is to make sure your writing reveals what they say (the sources) as distinct from what you say. I encourage you to include the ideas from the four articles we read, but make sure the reader knows to whom the ideas belong . . . and make sure you use your own words. If you use the exact words of the essayists, put them in quotes. That way, we’ll know who these words belong to. THE PROMPT: Write an argument in response to the following question — What’s “The Giving Tree” really about? State your precise position on this question and prove why it is a good position for a thinking person to hold. Tips: • Include what other people believe this story is about. That way, your opinion will have more weight, since it shows you’ve researched various perspectives on this story. • Make sure readers know what ideas belong to you (i.e,, what you say) and what ideas belong to someone else (i.e., what they say).


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