How are sound effects used to convey the inner lives of characters and relationships among characters? Are there any periods of silence in the film and what effect do they have? How do variations in sound help to build the environment of the world of the film? Do the sounds add realism? Are there symbolic sounds creating aural motifs that develop or comment on the themes of the film? What about music? Is there diegetic music used in the film to help explore the world of the story from within the story? Is the scoring for the film constant or used sparingly? Does it work to connect you more strongly with the characters, or to make you aware you are watching a film? How do the uses of sound in the movie work to serve the genre of the picture? Are there funny Sounds? Scary sounds? Suspenseful or other-worldly sounds? Sounds of song and dance? Discuss a scene where the sound was of particular significance in propelling the story forward or for developing and resonating the emotional life a character? emphasis on how SOUND is used in the movie?

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