Our present research aims to address the above gaps. We introduce a new theoretical model—the cultural alignment model of global creativity—to explicate how culture affects creativity in a global context. We argue that three cultural characteristics are particularly relevant in understanding creativity in a global context: (1) the level of cultural tightness in the innovator’s country, (2) the level of cultural tightness in the audience country, and (3) the extent to which the audience country’s cultural content is close to that of the innovator’s country (i.e., cultural distance). For an innovator to be successful in any given context, there must be “cultural alignment” (i.e., cultural fit or agreement) between the proposed solution and what the intended audience of the creative idea would find appropriate and acceptable Cultural distance between the innovator’s country and the audience country, as well as the degree of cultural tightness in each country, would determine whether there would be cultural alignment.


The Nature of Creativity: Contemporary Psychology Perspectives
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