Description Write a 6-7 page essay. Make sure to use correct citations and a correct bibliography (Chicago Manual of Style citation method). Cite all ideas, whether quotes or paraphrases, you get from any scholarly source (do not use Internet resources). Avail yourself of UMUC resources from the class, plus search JSTOR and EbscoHost for outside scholarly resources. Materials derived from the UMUC library computer database for scholarly articles are not Internet resources, thus they are acceptable. I urge you strongly to use JSTOR and EbscoHost (on the UMUC library computer database) for your scholarly materials. When you search, go directly to those databases. Moreover, we will have assistance from the Effective Writing Center Fellows. DO NOT USE ENCYCLOPEDIAS OR DICTIONARIES. The essay is due before midnight, EST on Sunday, 15 September 2019. I will not accept a late essay except for extenuating circumstances (as I determine them). Make sure to send it to the appropriate assignment folder. If you want to submit a rough draft, please send it only to my e-mail address one week before it is due. Your paper must have a clear thesis (answer to the question) and a clear method (how you are answering the question) in the last sentence of the introduction. It must utilize analysis based on scholarly evidence to prove the thesis. The paper must be typed, in Word (no PDFs), double-spaced with one-inch margins, and no cover page. Do not use more than two quotes and none should be longer than three lines. Follow this rule closely.

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