Six Sigma
The two methodologies we’ve mentioned until now dealt with business processes.Six Sigma, on the other hand, focuses on manufacturing processes. The main idea behind it is minimizing defect rates – for every million opportunities, you shouldn’t have more than 3.4 inefficiencies.While there are a lot of Six Sigma tools out there, DMAIC is one of the most popular ones. The methodology helps perfect your manufacturing processes & consists of 5 steps…
Define – Outline what the issue with any given manufacturing process is. Decide on the improvement goal & which tools or resources you’re going to use
Measure – Look at the process as-is and measure its performance. Once you know what the metrics are, you’ll have a better idea on how to improve them.
Analysis – Find the root cause of the issue. Why is the process underperforming?
Improvement – Once you’ve identified the problem, try finding potential solutions.
Control – Implement the new process on a small scale and benchmark the new results to the old.


the process steps or automate certain steps using software or hardware.
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