Database Design Proposal: Analysis

…Health Care Data Management: DatabaseDesignProposal Analysis and User Needs Identification of database users There will be 3 groups of users of the proposeddatabase: 1. Management of the facility 2. Workers at the health centre 3. Patients who are treated at the health care centre Individual needs of database users Top management: to administer the database including altering its structure and layout Workers at the health care centre: data retrieval related to their respective departments Patients: Read-only access to log in and view their own medical record Specific examples of possible uses by the management: The top management would like to know how many patients there are. The management would like to know which patients… …3 Pages(750 words)Essay

Database design and SQL Light database creation

…. ER- Entity Relationship Diagram- Shows all the entities and their relations in a given database (Luocopoulos, 1994). Relation schema –This is a table like structure that indicated the data entities and their attributes. A collection of relation schema is called a database schema (Herman balsters, 2001). Works Cited Elmasri, R. (2008). Fundamentals of database Systems,5/E. Pearson Eduction. Herman balsters, B. d. (2001). Database Schema Evoulution and Meta-Modelling. Springer. John W. Satzinger, R. B. (2008). System Analysis and Design in a changing world. Cengage Learning EMEA. Luocopoulos, P. (1994). Entity-Relationship Approach-ER 94.Business Modelling and Egineering. Springer…. Database Schema Sarita Gogan Grand…3 Pages(750 words)Essay

Database design

Databasedesign: The databasedesign is a very critical unit for any individual who has interest in the computer technology field. A database system is a worthy asset of any business organization. As such its administration should be effective. For one to ensure effective database management and administration, one need to fully understand the databasedesign. The unit has enabled me gain substantial knowledge on design and management of database. The course gives a detailed introduction of databasedesign. The introduction to databasedesign gave me in-depth understanding of how the idea of database originated from. From the introduction, I learned that the idea of database management system arose as a result of the unending… to…


The relational database
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