his paper arises from a meeting of scholars and civil society activists held inEntebbe, Uganda, 25–26 October 2012, to debate notions and experiencespertinent to social justice in East Africa.1The meeting was convened upon the recognition that far too often theconsequences and the symptoms of social inequities are typically scrutinized,rather than the notion of social justice itself and therefore an exploration of thekind of society that is found to be desirable. The gathering also highlighted theneed for continued engagement, inspired by global debates on social justiceand social development but placed in a local context.This paper attempts to set out the various points made and to share thesuggested way forward. It also draws from background papers produced byvarious participants for the occasion suggesting national perspectives on issuesrelevant to social justice. It is also informed by pointers drawn from a reviewof the international literature on social development and social justice theoryfrom a global and an African perspective.2Section two of this paper briefly examines the relevance of theory to perspectivebuilding on social justice, and section three recalls the arguments presentedfor the necessity of engaging with social justice in the region and the maindimensions of the current debates on social justice on the African continent.


The Relevance of Theory to Perspective Building on Social Justice
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