Design knowledge and reasoning are expressed inthe designer’s transactions with the artefacts made,the conditions under which they are made, and themanner of making. Design worlds are environmentsdesigners inhabit while designing. They containparticular configurations of things, relations andqualities, and they act a place to reserve designknowledge. Each designer has their own uniqueapproach to design. However, with exposure tovarious solution paths, designers can see how apossible design decision can be matched ormismatched to a situation. In a designer’s dialoguewith a situation, types of solutions can function totransform the situation and be transformed by it.From the results of our study it appeared evidentthat tools such as Evolver assist designers in thisprocess. Evolver facilitates the designer’s dialoguewith their problem space through the accessibilityto alternatives that could inspire various designsolutions. Evolver supported the designer’scognitive activity in the early stages of design andthe exploration phase by providing an immediateexposure to many possibilities. Designers can thenfilter these possibilities according to their needsand/or re


the role of computational creativity systems
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