Answer the following questions with clearly written paragraphs. Provide brief quotations to support what you write for the below questions. 1. These questions are only about “Getting out of the cave,” not returning. First, briefly explain the situation of the prisoners in the cave: a) what do they see of things, other people and themselves? b) what do they believe about what they see? Next, use Book V article to explain the symbolic meaning of these prisoners, what they see and do not see, and what kind of knowledge they have. Finally, briefly explain what Tillich writes which seems similar to the prisoner’s level of existence. 2. (a) What does the ‘Sun’ symbolize in the cave allegory, and why is the sun an appropriate symbol? *Use page 181 to explain what the real sun does. *Next, use page 182 (top) to explain what is sun-like in “the intelligible realm.” *Finally, briefly explain what the sun symbolizes in the cave story. (see 517 b). (b) Try to compare ‘seeing the sun’ (or the symbolism of the sun) to anything in Joseph Campbell and Jesus’ words. 3. Add your own thoughts or critical questions at the end

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