Topic: My video artist : Matthew Barney

Intermedia I: Artist Paper and Presentation

You will write a 2-3 pages (no less than 1000) paper on an artist relevant to Intermedia and give a 10-minute slide presentation on the artist to the class. There will be days for student presentations for each of the following units: [Place Units Here].

Your paper is not biographical in nature; rather, it should focus on one major piece while providing a brief description of the evolution and significance of the artist’s work. As many of the artists presented in class work in multiple forms, and it may be useful to point to continuities between media. Your paper should discuss the critical and scholarly reception of the artists work, as well as your own thesis or interpretation of the piece. For that reason, you must do research beyond Google; visit the Art Library in ABW and use scholarly databases such as JSTOR and Art Full text to locate other sources. Your paper should cite at least five sources and use the Chicago Manual of Style humanities notes-bibliography format.

Your presentation should provide a short career overview of the artist before showing as much of the work under consideration as possible. Your presentation must include a digital slideshow (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Presentation), with links to online video and/or audio. The presentation should also restate the major points of your paper. Following your presentation be prepared to answer questions from members of the class. …………..

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The Video Artist: Matthew Barney
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