This homework there are 3 things that I need.

first: 6 side for Power Point (each side have 30-50words)

Second: 3 pages speech draft

you need to write speech follow that 6-side ppt. (total is 3 page was enough)

Third: 1 page document that summarizes the proposal. That would be left with Tyson to consider your change proposal.

The presentation (presentation only, no paper) is to be completed on the implementation plan for the case you analyzed for the midterm (Tyson). Most will choose to do PowerPoint; however, the presentation can be a PowerPoint with audio, or something similar to that format. If you are not sure how to add audio to your slides – please let me know. 

Your final paper is meant to be the second step of analysis based on your midterm. You analyzed the Tyson case study. Now you will suggest intervention(s) based on your analysis. Your final presentation is an implementation plan outlining what you propose based on your analysis in the midterm. You will deliver this as though you are the consultant recommending a solution to either an opportunity or weakness you identified in your midterm analysis. Your presentation should be 8-10 minutes long. 

You will also create a 1 page “Leave Behind” document that summarizes your proposal. This is 1 page, any format, that would be left with Tyson to consider your change proposal.

The following aspects should be present in your final paper and are guidelines for content of your presentation:

The information we covered in Case 2, 3, and 4 as well as your midterm analysis will help you complete this presentation. Although the specific examples in Cases 2, 3, and 4 were different; you can apply the concepts to the Tyson information. 

1.Construct and investigate alternatives to propose an achievable and measurable organizational psychology and behavior plan within the constraints of organizational resources – (draw from the Case Study 2 where you outlined options in the table) 2. Create and assess an implementation plan for a set of strategic organizational goals and objectives (draw from Case Study 4 where you address the 4 main factors of implementing change) 3. Identify and explain the organizational challenges facing leadership given the current and proposed team dynamics (draw from Case Study 3 leadership concepts and Case Study 4 factors) 4. Distinguish between the standards and values of a balanced culture and climate of ethical behavior, environmental, sustainability, and social responsibility

This project will be graded according to the following criteria: 70% content & of material presented & presentation organization; 30% presentation style. 

I will upload other documents for your convenience.

1. Midterm paper

2. Case Material

UnsatisfactoryBelow ExpectationsMeets ExpectationsExceeds Expectations
Organization and Time Management(30 points)Organization is distracting and detracts from the project; Presentation was significantly too short or too long (+/- 6+ minutes)(0)Project is sometimes hard to follow and organization often doesn’t make sense. Time is too short or too long (+/- 4-5 minutes)(1-5)Project is mostly organized and logical. Time is too short or too long (+/- 2-3 minutes)(6-10)Project is well-organized and presented in a logical manner, and complies with time (+/- 1 minutes).(11-15)
Style/Platform of Delivery(30 points)Presentation not in PowerPoint (or similar platform), was unpolished and not engaging. Many grammar problems.(0)Presentation in PowerPoint (or similar platform), had several problems and was not effective at engaging the reader. Several grammar problems.(1-4)Presentation was in PowerPoint (or similar platform), mostly polished and engaging with few grammar issues. (5-9)Presentation was in PowerPoint (or similar platform), polished and engaging. Little to no grammar issues.(10-15)
Course Concepts (40 points)Little or no connections were made to course materials. No real understanding of course concepts was demonstrated. (0)Vague references were made to course concepts without demonstration of clear understanding.(1-8)Presenters showed some understanding of course concepts.(8-14)Presenters clearly understood course concepts.(15-20)
Total Points/100
This homework there are 3 things that I need