This is an open university assignment paper Please find attached all information and material needed for the assignment. This is a UK assignment and i have requested a UK writer. Material Provided Folder Assignment Question: Please answer the question to the open university rules, this must be in UK not American when spell checked. Advice: Its very important you follow this advice and use the material provided ( Steele 2017 section 10, Unit 18 on nuisance and the OU Law School Undergraduate Assessment Guide in regards to references and citations. TMA 04 − this is a problem-solving assessment: please follow the advice on the problem solving stating what is needed including reference list. Folder Course Content (OU Rules + Material) Chapter 10 Steele 2017: This is section 10 of the book we use for research material and its important that its used to show additional materials in Unit 18 as stated in the assignment advice. Unit 18 Nuisance: Its very important this is used in this assignment to answer the question please dont divert away unless necessary. OU Law School Undergraduate Assessment Guide: the assignment must reach all rules of the open university, references and citation must meet these rules


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