Tourism and Terrorism. What is the relationship?

The report should provide general discussion of terrorism impact on tourist. In addition the report should use example of Bali bombing to explain how incident has affected the tourism industry in Indonesia. The report should be written in the format below.

1. Give a brief synopsis of the situation using your own words and interpretation. This should be brief and concise, imagining that your reader is unfamiliar with the situation. Ensure that all relevant background information is included.

2. What are the central challenges/problems that the chosen topic highlights from a management perspective? In this section, identify the symptoms that are at the root of the problems/challenges.

3. Describe the impact of these challenges in reference to and in context of the wider tourism sector. This will require in depth thought and analysis and additional research and understanding.

4. Imagine that you have been asked to address these challenges/problems. what are your recommended strategies? Explain the reasons for these recommendations. Ensure that the reasons are realistic and plausible. You are expected to apply theories and concepts you have learnt in previous studies.


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Tourism and Terrorism. What is the relationship?
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