Toxaris questions-answer all three. The reading is a debate between a Greek and a so-called (by the Greeks) barbarian, a Scythian. They are telling stories that illustrate their assertion that their culture knows best how to conduct a friendship. As you read the story, and it’s pretty entertaining, ask yourself why the author, Lucian, wrote it. Was it a satire? A commentary about Greek ideas about friendship? 1. Toxaris argues that the Greeks talk a lot about friendship, but fail to practice it. Do the stories told by Mnesippus bear him out? Evaluate. 2.Did the Scythians perform acts of heroism out of love for their friends, or because they were compelled by the oaths they had sworn? Are their friendships more solid than those of the Greeks? 3. If you were the judge of this debate, whom would you have chosen as the winner and why? Give specific reasons for your choice.

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