Use these two plays to write the essay. Trifles – by Susan Glaspell (1916) A Doll House – by Henrik Ibsen (1879) Although each play represents two vastly different times, there are common threads that weave these plays into the same fabric. The central character of each play represents a feminist appeal, in a defiant, uncompromising, masculine world. The characters of each work are ordinary people, frustrated by their social situations and their own sensibilities. They are characters who long for happiness but become entangled in everyday circumstances, thus limiting their lives. Each play represents the feminine voice, struggling for identity in a masculine world, dominated by society’s patriarchal expectations. Write a well-developed five-paragraph essay establishing a precise thesis in support of the above statement (as it applies to both plays). At least one quote from each play must be included. Each paragraph has to be 5-7 sentences. Your essay must include an introduction, with a hook, transitional idea, and a thesis that includes a topic, your claim (attitude or opinion on the topic), and a plan of development (the ideas you will discuss in your body paragraphs); three body paragraphs, each with a topic sentence and 2-3 controlling ideas with explanation and illustration and/or detail for each; and a conclusion that sums up your ideas and makes some kind of larger statement.


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