Instructions Choose a game design professional or theorist not featured as a speaker within this class. Use their ideas as the basis for an argumentative essay on ONE of the following topics: 1. Under-represented/under-served game communities 2. A proposed new rule of Player-Centric Design 3. Water finds a crack, and what to do about it 4. Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics. What is important? Within each topic you have freedom to explore/interpret each subject, but don’t stray too far from the core topic. Your paper should frequently (and with good relevance & specificity) reference as many of our guest speakers as possible, comparing and contrasting their philosophies with those of your subject. Paper Requirements: The paper is 1200 words, not counting headings and sourcing This is an individual paper. No groups. The paper must be properly sourced using APA standards. Choose an individual as your theorist/designer. Do not choose a company. Your paper should be a Microsoft Word .doc or .PDF file. No other format is accepted. Include a cover page with the course code, date, name of this assignment, title of your paper itself, your full name, your UofT student number. For the purpose of this exercise, a “Game Designer” is anyone who shapes the Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics of the game. Wikipedia has a good list of potential candidates for you: Remember, you must select, not a company.

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