Your Lab Report should have the following information, typed and written clearly and with correct grammar. Also be sure to use correct citations and references throughout the paper. Name of Experiment: (Determining an Unknown Bacteria) Names and Dates of all tests you did (8 points) The tests you did and the results you should include are: Gram Reaction Cell Morphology Cell arrangement Colony Morphology Motility Test Thioglycollate broth Catalase Glucose Fermentation Sucrose Fermentation Lactose Fermentation Maltose Fermentation Starch Hydrolysis Citrate Utilization Gelatin Hydrolysis Urea Hydrolysis Cysteine Digestion (Sulfur Reduction) (SIM) Tryptophan Digestion (Indole production) (SIM) **For each test you did, write 1-2 sentences describing what the test was measuring, and what the positive and negative control tubes look like. You could put this in a table if it is more convenient for you. Results: (4 points) 1. Make a table (typed, using a word processing or excel program) summarizing your results for each test for your unknown. Be sure to include your unknown number. You may want to organize it like the tables I provided you with this assignment. Include all the information for both your unknown and the bacteria you think it is. Written Unknown Report: (13 points) A. Begin by writing the answers to these Questions to Consider in a separate section: Would it be possible to identify an unknown microorganism using only microcopy techniques? Why or why not? (1 point) List 5 external factors that influence microbial growth. (1 point) B. Make a conclusion: Which bacteria do you think you have based on your test results? Include your Unknown Number. Are there any test results that do not fit with what you believe your unknown to be? If so, why do you believe that your unknown could be that organism? Were there any potential errors or mistakes that you encountered in your lab tests? (3 points) C. Background on unknown: Once you have made a conclusion about which unknown bacteria you have, then you will type up a short report. This report should discuss the unknown bacteria you think you had. Look up its background. Is it medically significant? What interesting information can you share? Make sure you have citations and references! (8 points)


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