Description Articles: Kraft, M.E. and S.R. Furlong. (2018). Public Policy: Politics, Analysis and Alternatives. 6th Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. Pp. 61-74. Denhardt, R. and J. Denhardt. (2000). The New Public Service: Serving Rather Than Steering. Public administration review, 60(6), 549-559. Ball, S. J., Maguire, M., Braun, A., & Hoskins, K. (2011). Policy actors: Doing policy work in schools. Discourse: Studies in the cultural politics of education, 32(4), 625-639. Phinney, R. (2016). Advocacy for the poor: Organized interests and social policymaking in the American states. American Politics Research, 44(5), 903-938. **The first citation is the textbook. The pictures attached are labeled by page number. The other articles are attached as PDF’s Assignment notes from the instructor: Reflections are supposed to give you exposure to writings about specific methodological topics. They are designed to provide you with experience at analyzing and critiquing academic research and theory, which is needed in developing informed ideological positions. Therefore, within a reflection, you should discuss and reference all the readings assigned within a specific learning module and explain the relevance of the reading in relation to the topic. You should spend the majority of your reflection critiquing the articles.

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