TITLE: should clearly and accurately describes the proposed study. Should be descriptive of the focus of the study, concise,identify the study design(INTEGRATIVE CRITICAL REVIEW). RESEARCH QUESTION: The use of physical restraints in confused patients to prevent falls in acute sector (use PICO to modify the question).INTRODUCTION & BACKGROUND OF INTEGRATIVE CRITICAL REVIEW: Identify the gaps in the current literature leading to the project, significance &benefits of the proposed project. AIM& OBJECTIVE: provides an explicit statement of question being addressed with reference to participants, intervention, comparisons &outcomes. REVIEW METHOD : search strategy , inclusion exclusion criteria. PROCEDURE: describes the process for identifying and selecting studies, the method of data extraction & critical appraisal & the themes/variables/concept to be included . need in-text reference.(this is my assignment which is the outline of my thesis. )…………………..

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use of physical restraint in confused patients in acute sector
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