The student will be required to pick one area of the arts to create a project from. They will be able to choose from film, literature, poetry, or art. From your chosen area, you will review several pieces created by an individual with a mental illness. Use those selected pieces as inspiration for the piece that you will create. Some ideas could be to write a poem, compose a song, draw / paint a picture, or whatever you feel creative about. Along with your project, you will submit a paper that explains your project. In your paper, explain to me what pieces you reviewed to give you a sample of materials created by individuals with and without a mental illness. How did the pieces you chose to review influence your piece you created? What are your own strengths to your creative process? Do you feel that you had to overcome any obstacles to create your artwork? If so, what? Explain why you chose that medium as your form of expression, how did you feel when you were creating your project, was it difficult for you to do. Explain if and how is this chosen medium currently used in the mental health field as a treatment. Your paper is to be APA style. You must cite your references and include your reference page. Points will be deducted for not following APA style and citing correctly. Please use your resources wisely and learn how to use APA style. I chose an artist, Van Gogh and his painting “starry night” that had a mental illness. The artist I chose that does not have a mental illness is Henri Matisse and his painting “The Joy of Life.” For the other part of the project, I drew a german shepherd head with sunflowers. I have a 1 year old german shepherd named Willow. I have been battling depression and anxiety since I lost my grandmother my junior year of high school. She was the rock of my family and it has been difficult living life normally. The sunflowers represents my mamaw. We would plant sunflowers every year. I was also in a car wreck while I was working on the ambulance in this last November that involved two fatalities. I watched one woman take her last breath. Lastly, I had a rough break up with my fiance last July. He was very manipulative and controlling. He cheated on me multiple times. All of this comes together because I got my dog, Willow, and she has helped me through this hardship. The pieces I chose influenced my my piece I created because I found that drawing what I loved, brought me happiness through all the pain and trauma that I have been through. Also, just the name of Matisse’s painting encouraged me to draw something that brings me joy, which is sunflowers and my dog. My own strengths to my creative process would be intertwining two parts of my life, losing someone so close to me which caused me to go into depression and bringing something into my life that brought happiness.These things might not be “big” to other people but they are to me. Both of these are personally life changing. I was able to make something beautiful out of it. I did not overcome obstacles. I chose that medium as your forum because it shows me that no matter what I go through, things will get better. Life will become easier and I will experience the joy. I felt at ease when creating the project


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