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thesis: then1984 anti-sikh riots were a pre-planned genocide by the indian government
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According to scientist the World goes around because of the gravitational pull of the Sun, but in reality it is politics. Politics runs our lives more than we know it. It is responsible for what is put in our toothpaste, which company heats our home, and our right to go to work. All this is not possible without someone planning everything and setting it in motion. While all these enmities are wonderful; there is a flip side to the coin. The same government is also responsible for killing thousands of its citizens. Insane as the idea seems it is not unfortunately. The Indian government has and still is doing the same thing to its very own citizens. 
When the United States government wants to bring a crime organization down they build a RICO case in which they must show that there were crimes committed and conspiracies with others to commit them. The Indian Government should be brought down on RICO charges for all the violence and bloodshed they have caused in the past few decades alone. Politics is known to get dirty really fast and often it is the innocent that ends up getting hurt. In 1984 the peaceful Sikh people of India felt that when the government decided they would allow genocide to happen while they funded the gangs. The spark that started the race to kill, rape, and burn as many Sikhs as possible; was the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh body guards. 
How did the government pull this off without getting just a few splashes of mud on them? According to Gurbaksh Kaur ( A Sikh woman from Punjab, who lost a brother and house during the attacks) the government sent people out a week prior to mark all the houses where Sikhs lived. When asked why they were doing this they stated it was for government assistance program information. By marking which houses it was easy to target the Sikhs as well as not harm any Hindus in the process. Once it was known how many Sikhs lived an area, the gangs were distributed supplies accordingly. The families that had guns at home were made to surrender them to the police during the first few hours of riots, since the police ensured them that they would protect them. Once the rioters can through the police departments left. Citizens were astonished by the betrayal and unfortunately in those areas only a hand few made it out.

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Was the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh body guards
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