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200 – 250 words per DQ

DQ 1. What model of counseling is used at your agency? Are you comfortable practicing within this context? Why or why not? We use a Polyvagal theory and Strength-based therapy.

Polyvagal theory in psychotherapy offers co-regulation as an interactive process that engages the social nervous systems of both therapist and client. Social engagement provides experiences of mutuality and reciprocity in which we are open to receiving another person, as they are.

DQ 2. What evidence-based practice do you think will become dominant in the counseling field? Does it depend on what population your work with?

Strength-based therapy is talk therapy that guides you toward a retelling of your personal history of traumas, stressors, and pain with more emphasis on yourself as a survivor than as a victim, and more emphasis on your strengths and survival skills than on your weakness.

Journal – In 250 words reflect upon the progress made in gaining knowledge, skills, attitudes, in some of the tasks I carried out, they include.

Group Counseling –
Staff Meetings –
In-Service Training –
Treatment Planning and Development –
Progress Notes –
Client Preparation –
Requirements: .doc file

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