Weeping in the Playtime of Others: America’s Incarcerated Children

All writings are based on the required book, Weeping in the Playtime of Others: Americas incarcerated Children by Kenneth Wooden (2000). Please read the book and complete the book report according to the directions below. All writings must contain two components as follows: a 4-page summary and a 1-page reflection/critique. In the summary section, students shall summarize the chapters in an orderly fashion. It is key to show correct understanding of the authors’ arguments. In the reflection/critique section, students should reflect upon what they read, express their own independent evaluation, and logically criticize the content (including posing questions) if necessary. No outside research/sources needed. All writings must observe the following rules: Writings shall be completed and submitted as a word document; in 12-point font, Times New Roman format, double -spaced; all pages shall be numerically numbered (at the bottom right); no title page is needed, however, a header is required to show your [last name, first name]. All writings shall be graded with a total score (out of 100) based on the quality of students’ work in both the summary and the reflection/critique sections.

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