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Examining the team
As a leader,he knows himself and can know when his emotions are going out of hand. When the leader is realizing that the matter is going to create and emotional disturbance, he maintains his cool by not speaking at all during that spur of moment. He at times even moves to the opposite direction of where the emotional disturbance causative agent is coming from. If in case, the; leader loses his emotional handle, he is likely the first one to apologize as a way of letting the other group member know that he is indeed regretting his emotional behavior.
How does the team deal with emotions?
The team has together built a team norm. The team norm involves simple things that they do together as a team to help them realize and deal with each other during emotions. The team, therefore, set rules that establish values. Therefore, when one’s value is not accomplished the rest of the group members are inclined to it so that the jump in and give it support. The group also has a perfect way of managing stress. This they do by having a table tennis space where people stretch when they get tired to avoid carrying emotional distress to each other.
Describe the teams’ level of intelligence, is there need for development?
The team is a perfect jell of people with emotional intelligence that do not require the leader to show them what to do. Since they have developed team norms, the team has learnt the art of appreciating every small thing that each member does to make a difference in their emotional intelligent. They have also created a family within themselves where each member knows what is going on the other one’s life so that they know how to deal with the situations of each other before it is bursts into something that they can’t solve.
How the leaders might enhance the teams EI, explain using specific example?
The best way to enhance emotional intelligence is to spark passion. Sparking passion can be done by hiring the right members for the group. This does not involve people with skills and experience; it involves people who have the same belief that the leader of the team shares. They also have the same values. They will therefore easily fit into the culture of the team of the group. A perfect example of spark of emotion includes recognizing the accomplishments and hard work of each member. Having a bendable and engaging work setting where teamwork is valued is important. Making sure that each time the team has a mission that they are working to achieve. This way the team works with passion towards achieving the goals and values that is required (Mathew & Gupta, 2015).

What actions steps could improve team communication?

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