1. Describe and discuss your experience withgroups. This can any type group experience: social, therapeutic, civic, religious, educational, athletic, etc.
  • Chooseone such group to describe more fully.
    • Identify the type of group.
    • Discuss the basic history of the group and how youbecame involved.
    • Identify your role in the group over time.
    • Discuss the purpose and function of the group. Didthe purpose and function change over time?
  • Discussany cultural issues that affected the group. Why is being aware of culturalissues important to group work?
  • Howhas your previous group experience influenced your current perspective on howgroups work and functions?
  • Whatare some strengths and weaknesses of group work in therapy?
  • Based on your experience of groups, what are yourinitial impressions of which type(s) of group work might be a usefulintervention for the you in practice? Why?


What are some strengths and weaknesses of Hispanics
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