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You are working with the press office of a newly elected Governor. The press office asked you to prepare a three to five paragraph briefing statement (summary introduction) to prepare the Governor and his appointed cybersecurity director in answering the following question:

As governor, how will your administration improve cybersecurity for the state’s Critical Infrastructures?

This question will be asked of the new Governor regarding his/her state-level critical infrastructure. You should not address any single candidate or party. Remember, you are preparing the newly elective governor to answer the question, you are not answering as the governor.

Your briefing statement must provide enough information that the Governor understands key terms as defined by you for the question:

  • What is meant by “cybersecurity” for critical infrastructures?”
  • Where have past state government administrations supported or fallen short in promoting cybersecurity for critical infrastructures?
  • What is meant by “Threats” (i.e. individual hackers, politically motivated hacktivists, criminal enterprises, and unfriendly “nation state” actors)

If you need help getting started, take a look at this report:… or, run this Google search:…

Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources.

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What is meant by “cybersecurity” for critical infrastructures?”
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