To show you will answer the question say you will discuss the VALUE of ….
MUST show KNOWLEDGE AND UNDESTANDING of what theaputic approaches ARE to educational practitioners – show KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF :
• The principles underpinning the role of therapeutic approaches.
• Research into and the theory of play.
• A range of play therapy approaches and their applications
Define theaputic approach (play therapy as well as art)
Theories to therapy
Importance of play therapy
Make sure you mention what psychotherapy is
Make sure you mention difference between therapy and therapeutic approaches
Make sure you mention difference between play therapy and play
MENTION WINNICOTT AND PIAGET – school of thinking.
Make sure you mention why educational practitioner (teacher/ta) must do play therapy with the knowledge and understanding (please actually use the words K and U) of therapeutic approaches.
ARUGUMENTS for Knowledge and Understanding of Therapeutic approaches are Axline West and Schaefer Payne
ARGUMENTS against Hayes and Ecclestone ‘the dangerous rise of therapeutic Education 2009’ MUST USE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!
CRITICAL assignment NOT descriptive
MENTION – Carl Rogers, Maslow
Essay needs to be not about THEAPIES or THEAPISTS but about what the VALUE is of knowing about therapeutic approaches.. having the knowledge of the therapeutic approaches.. what and how it can benefit an educational practitioner – using an approach to teach that is TAKEN from therapy (NOT ACTUAL THERAPY!!) and used as an approach from a teacher. Essay focus mainly on play therapy – but focus a little on ART therapy also.
Focus needs to be on how the knowledge and understanding is useful.
Need to evaluate knowledge and understanding of therapeutic approaches
There is a big difference between therapeutic approach and therapy. Please make this clear!!!
Therapeutic approaches are something borrowed from therapy and used in teaching.
CHOOSE an educational practitioner. Probably easiest to do a primary or secondary teacher
Please put in essay intro!! ‘in this essay I will be looking at value of therapeutic approaches from a viewpoint of a teacher/TA’
Maybe make up some personal experiences that I can use to back up reading (make it up – been doing teacher training for 3 years so have in school experience)
– Can cast judgements on a child that could be incorrect
– Danger picking children – making them feel like there is a problem
– MUST USE HAYS AND ECKLESTONE must mention this in the critical approaches
– Talk about dangers of taking away the boundaries when ‘borrowing’ aspects of therapy – could bring up problems that are deep within child, things which the teacher won’t be trained to deal with……………
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What is psychotherapy

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