Christianity When answering these essay questions please do the following three things: 1. Answer ALL elements of the question. If the question has two or three parts, be sure to answer every part of the prompt. 2. Refer to the texts and videos we have used this term–but do so IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 3. Give examples to illustrate your understanding. It is not enough to simply explain the concept or idea in the prompt, you should give examples to show that you have a solid understanding of the material. I have posted some good model responses to essay questions from past semesters. Please look at them to help you understand what is expected if you hope to do well on this assignment. Please pay attention to the due date as provided in the announcement for this assignment. Please answer the following questions: 1. Who was Jesus and why is he important to Christians? In your response be sure to discuss some of the major events in his life and his core teachings. (1,000 words) 2. What is the notion of the trinity? When did it come about, and how is it similar to, and different from, the notion of God as understood in Judaism? (600 words) 3. What are the basic Christian sacraments and why are they important. Be sure to give a brief description of each. (750 words) 4. What are some of the important moments of the Protestant reformation? Who are some important figures (name at least 3) and what did they do? (1,000 words)

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