The goals of this module: At the end, you should be able to:

  1. Describe Newton’s three laws of motion.
  2. Explain in basic terms what each law states.
  3. Describe the difference between mass and weight.
  4. Understand how force, mass and acceleration are interrelated.
  5. Begin to understand how Newton’s laws of motion led him to explain why the planets orbit the Sun.

In this module you will explore:

  1. Newton’s three laws of motion and what they tell us.
  2. What happens to an object moving in a circular orbit when you remove the external force.
  3. The effect of exerting a force on a mass and seeing how it accelerates.
  4. How the forces between two objects relate.

Why you are doing it: By studying Newton’s laws of motion, you will not only get a feeling for why objects move and accelerate as they do, but you will also begin to see how Newton eventually used his laws of motion to develop his universal law of gravity.


why the planets orbit the Sun.
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