Completing this assignment will enable you to discuss the impulse for social reform during this period and the ways in which the abolitionist movement helped give rise to the women’s rights movement. – Follow the instructions to complete the assignment: —Guiding question for the assignment: How did women’s involvement in abolitionism influence the struggle for women’s rights? —Imagine that you are tasked with writing an editorial for a major 1830s US newspaper defending women’s rights. Your editorial must do all of the following: ——Defend the actions of abolitionist women in the public sphere. In other words, make a case for why they should be allowed the same spotlight and significance as male speakers. ——Describe how abolitionism has served as a stepping stone to your role in the women’s movement. ——Articulate how religion has served to increase your role in society. ——Incorporate information from two primary source documents linked above, describing the significance of each to the argument being advanced.

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