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By the end of class (9PM) redesign the poster (poster.jpg) as a website in XD.

  1. The website has to have the same feel/theme of the original poster.
  2. All copy on the provided text doc (Poster.rtf) is there for copying and pasting ease. You DON’T have to include all points as text, BUT you will have to provide a way to find it.
    1. This could be a link to another page OR or some way of representing that particular piece of information
  3. The colors used in this poster are provided inside the Poster.rtf document

Keep in mind these points:

  1. The fonts that you can use for live text
  2. Some of the design concepts that we went over in class today

1. Save out your artboard as a pdf and submit it through google drive (remember to give those with the link access!)

work in Adube XD In Class Assignment