Find an employment focused/work related news article from a reputable source within the last 4 years, or use one of your personal workplace experiences to demonstrate how both of the concepts from each chapter are connected as well as the relevance of that connection to everyday work life. Your overall response must provide only a brief summary of your work related news article/personal workplace experience to frame your discussion so that what you are discussing is clear but is not the majority of the post. 

The primary focus of the response is not to describe the story (news article/personal) in great detail but rather to show the connection between both of the chosen concepts and the work related article/workplace experience serving mainly as the context.

Within the response, it must clearly make the case for and specifically show how your chosen work related news article or workplace experience incorporates both core concepts from each chapter, as well as their relatedness. In other words, it is your responsibility to clearly elaborate on and be able to justify how your work related news article/personal workplace experience links to, integrates and illuminates your chosen core concepts from both chapters. All 4 sources should be external sources.


Workplace Experiences in Leadsership
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