1. Locate the author’s main argument. Summarize it as best as you can. 2. You will want to give your reader a sense of the number and type of “civilizations” the author sees the world being divided into (he does that a little later in the article.) Be sure to quote and cite as necessary. 3. Locate his individual proofs (his sub arguments) in support of his thesis. Summarize the content of each of these arguments. Be sure to quote and cite as necessary. 4. Locate and describe Brooks’ criticisms/critiques of Huntington’s work. 5. Your conclusion should include a restatement of the argument and a brief informed assessment based on critical thing and supported by specific critiques such as Brooks. 6. Please start work as early as possible. Read the article carefully. Same goes for prompt. Be sure to contact us early with any questions you might have so that we can help guide you. Recall you can ask for assistance from me and from your TAs. Be sure to look at announcements on blackboard to figure out to which TA you have been assigned. 7. Recall I require you to use Turabian/Chicago style citation. I am less concerned about the format you use for the essay, but the citation must be Chicago Style footnotes. Bibliography not necessary in this case, as long as you do the footnote citations properly (first reference to article or reviews has to be a full citation.) 8. Essay length should be around four pages, 12 point, double spaced, and same font throughout (please use either Times New Roman or Courier)

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