A Chemical Engineering Progress article is provided to give an introductory treatment to the topic of process control.Using this and your own references, write a summary addressing the need for process control in the chemical process industry as well as the types of tuning strategies one could employ.The article focuses on open loop tuning, however, closed loop methods are also employed.

The article from Chemical Engineering Progress is attached, though you should use other resources to investigate the topic. Please be sure to give reference to your sources, and include the web link (with date accessed), when appropriate.

Your summary should include all elements of the writing rubric.I expect at least one figure and one table, properly referenced in the caption/title.The content of these illustrations is up to you, but they must support your summary.References are required.You may choose the reference format, but I must be able to locate the source based on your reference.Edit your work, and be sure to make use of the spellchecking and grammar tools in Microsoft Word.

The Writing Exam is limited to 2 double spaced pages of text, AND one page containing figures, tables, and references.Be sure to include appropriate captions or titles.4 hours agoATTACHMENTScep_loop_tuning.pdf


Write the types of tuning strategies one could employ in the chemical process industry
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